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Gorgeous outfits from Who What Wear collection at Target

Abeer6 Comments
Gorgeous outfits from Who What Wear collection at Target

Hi guys,

Last week I went to Target to get some decorations for my house. While strolling the aisles, a gorgeous yellow matching separate grabbed my attention. When I got there to take a look, I saw a big sign for Who What Wear standing next to it.

I instantly said “OMG, Who What Wear collection”, my husband replied with “who?”. LOL, I don’t know why I expected my husband to know them. If some of you aren’t familiar with them, Who what Wear started as a fashion news blog, then grew to become a global media brand and have an exclusive clothing line at Target.

As usual I asked my husband if he could continue shopping while I take a look for a few minutes, well it took way more than that. I’m sure women understand me here :)

Let me tell you, I loved so many pieces, it was hard to narrow down my choices. They did great job with the design and the quality of the clothes. Honestly, for the price, I think these clothes are a great deal. Their style mostly is feminine and trendy, which I love the most.

So here are my picks from the Who What Wear collection at Target, I hope you guys like it :)


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