Learn how to make a $1090 Gucci jeans for less than $25

Learn how to make a $1090 Gucci jeans for less than $25

Hi ladies,

I hope you had a good weekend. It was snowing here in NY all Saturday so it was perfect time for me to work on this blog post. It's all started when I got my Gucci denim jacket, immediately thought I need jeans to go with it. After looking at Gucci pants I saw these jeans and was like there gotta be away to DIY them and save $1090. It took me some time to find embroidered snake and flower similar to the original pants. I’m so happy with the final result. It turned out perfectly!


To get started all you need are the following:

  1. Jeans- I got mine from Target ($11 on clearness)
  2. Embroidered snake and flower- from Amazon ($10)

DIY steps

1- Place the embroidered iron-on patches on the right spot of your jeans. I put them on the top right side of my pants.


2- place a towel on top of the patches and iron them(I ended up sewing them because some edges start to come off after couple day).

3- Here you have you're Gucci jeans ;)

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