If you're going to buy a scarf, read this first


"The Girl in the Green Scarf" was the secret identity of Rebecca Bloomwood who after publishing her first article, her life and career turned around. Since the day I watched the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, I fell in love with scarves. Now I have a collection in all colors and patterns.


Scarves add this sophisticated look to your outfit, In fact the photo with the most likes on my instagram is one where I’m wearing a long sleeve black bodysuit, dark blue skinny jeans, and a chunky scarf. People loved this outfit and the scarf was the secret my friends. Throw a scarf on any casual outfit and you will instantly look stylish. But what kind of scarf?....


Here’s my advice, don’t waste money on cheap scarves, get high quality cashmere ones. They are an investment, they get softer with time and never go out of style.

Cashmere fabric is soft, lightweight, cozy, and made from goats wool. The best and most common sources are cashmere and Pashmina (fine type of cashmere wool) goats.

Not all Cashmere made the same!

The neck and under belly region of the goat fleece are the softest. Cashmere made from these regions is more expensive and better quality.

The purity of the cashmere depends on the precise process of removing hair from the fleece. The most popular method is combing by hand using coarse comb. This process could take 1-2 weeks.

How to spot a good cashmere

  • Look for 100% cashmere on the label.
  • Origin of the goats. Countries with variable temperatures (very cold winters and hot summers) get better cashmere. Usually brands who are proud of their fabric, mention the source region.
  • Handmade: making cashmere have been always handmade then converted to manufacturing to make a cheaper knock off.
  • Numbers of ply. You want 2 ply (two threads twisted together) or more.

Obviously designer scarves are high quality but they are so expensive. To find a high quality and reasonably priced cashmere scarves, look for small companies that cares about their products quality and have transparency with their products details.

I found Roysha, an indian company, who are very proud of their handmade scarves. They’re empowering their employee by featuring them on their website. You actually get to know who made your scave, which is awesome.

I got two of their scarves. They arrived in beautiful packaging that reflects the company's dedication to authenticity and attention to details. This was a great sign and immediately shows how much they really care. The scarves are paper thin and so soft, that you feel good keeping them on for a prolonged period of time. The scarves generous length and smoothness, enables wearing them in many unique and stylistic ways. Check out the photos for a closer look. And Check out these beautiful colors here.

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