Solutions Studio & Spa review

Solutions Studio & Spa review

Hi guys,

My favorite thing to do at Christmas time is to treat myself to a spa and salon getaway. I used to go to Del Monte and recently I discovered Solutions Studio and Spa in Rochester NY. I know my Rochesterian might be like “really? You just knew about them?” guys, I have no idea where I have been. This place is amazing. It’s a high-end salon and spa, so relaxing, the staff is so friendly and their services are reasonably priced.

When I got there my stylist came and welcomed me in, few minutes after I checked with the front desk. She was so nice and went above and beyond in explaining her techniques and providing me with valuable tips that I can use at home. BTW, her name is Marisa I highly recommend her if you ever go there.

I’m trying to grow my hair so I just did wash and blow dry. Unlike how I do it at home my hair looked so voluminous and shiny as you can see in the photos below. Marisa used four products on my hair that I got from there and have been using since then.

First thing was Bamboo Smooth AM Anti-Frizz. Which eliminates frizz for a long time. Then she used CAVIAR Anti-Aging Omega Anti-Frizz Nourishing Hair Oil which I loved so much and will be repurchasing this product and the next one forever. If you look up this oil you’ll see that it got outstanding reviews. I’ll find a direct link to Sephora or Ulta for you guys and leave down below. This oil makes my hair so smooth and smells so good. it has a highly concentrated dose omega-3.

My stylist technique was to use only couple drops, rubbing it between her hands, then applying from mid-hair down and whatever left on the hands she applied it to the top of my hair. Then she added Caviar Style Luxe Shape. This gel gave my hair body and volume.

Then she used her magic to blow dry my hair with these beautiful waves that I wish I could do at home. She told me that she can do her own hair like that, my answer was “I’m so jealous” :) Not only having beautiful hair but building biceps too!

Finally, she tamed my flyaway hair with Caviar Style Concrete. This product does a great job of making the hair looks so sleek. TBH with you guys, I don’t think I’ll repurchase it though since I believe using a lot of products is not good for that hair. I’ll definitely repurchase the anti-aging omega oil for its benefits for the hair and Lux shape.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review.  Finally, I just want to say that this time of the year is perfect opportunity to treat yourself to anything you enjoy. Self-care is essential to have a balanced life, be happy, and being able to take care of others.

Love you guys,
Have a great holidays time :) 

Here's Solutions Studio and Spa website and Instagram account if you like to check them out.

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