How to make your hair grow faster and thicker

How to make your hair grow faster and thicker

Hi Loves,

I’m a fashion focused blogger but I got a lot of questions on how I grew my hair, so I figured it’s best to write a blog post and share everything I did and still do that literally changed my hair. So welcome to my first beauty post ever and let’s get started :)

Last summer I went to my nephew’s birthday. I had my hair curled and thought it was looking perfect. After 15 minutes of chatting with my sister, she looked at my hair and said “what’s wrong with your hair? it’s dry and thin. You should cut it”. That’s when I realized that my hair was in a bad condition and haven’t grew for the past four years. So I took my sister advice and trimmed my hair about 4 inches.

I started searching and watching tons of Youtube videos on how to grow my hair healthy and thick. I got so many tips, products and natural recipes. I’ll be honest with you guys, I spent a lot of money and time trying everything and it was frustrating, but that’s how I got to what really worked wonderfully for me.

I’ll list all the steps here but just keep one thing in mind, it takes some time to start seeing results. I would say at least one to three months. You have to be realistic with your expectations, so you won’t get frustrated and quit after a couple of weeks. I have been using these steps for the past six months, and just recently started receiving compliments on my hair.


1- Washing your hair: It’s important to wash your hair only when you need to and not every day. What’s more important is the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use. I’m one of those people who've been saying for years that shampoo doesn’t matter, I can use anything and my hair will be fine. Well, I was totally wrong.

You have to use shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate free. Sulfate is  an aggressive detergents that dries your hair. I’ve been using Caviar, Which is a nice shampoo that smells amazing and is sulfate free. It was recommended by my hair stylist. Caviar’s products are more on the expensive side but there are other cheaper alternatives that work as well. I’ll list everything below.

Either one is good

Right after I get out of the shower I use Living Proof cream, Bumble and Bumble oil, and argan oil. You don’t need all three of them, the most important one is the argan oil. I use the other two because I have wavy/frizzy hair and these two products work amazingly with eliminating the frizz, in fact they are the only products that worked for me and I’ve tried a lot of stuff.   


A must

2- Daily care: The first month I used few drops of castor oil on wet or dry hair every day but didn’t see much of a difference, then I searched online and found Hair Plush. Within a month of using this product, I noticed that my hair got thicker and longer. I love this product and I’ll never stop using it.

3- Hair mask weekly: This part is very important.I used to use Redken and argan oil hair mask. I got both from amazon and they worked great. One day I was chatting with a friend of mine who is also from the Middle East. I mentioned how people there have such an amazing hair, she smiled and said “Let me tell you about my hair mask”. The next weekend I tried it and I never bought any hair mask since then. It’s simply one egg(protein), a tablespoon of almond oil, two tablespoons of castor oil, and few drops of vitamin E. I mix everything and put it on my hair for at least 5 to 6 hours, the longer the better. Then I wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t have time or hate the smell of eggs, use the other two masks or any masks you like. The important part is to strengthen and moisturize your hair consistently.  

Homemade mask

4- Wooden comb brush: I love using wooden brushes, it doesn’t make my hair frizzy, it gives my scalp a message which promote hair growth and most importantly it’s made out of natural wood. I personally don’t prefer plastic in my house. Here is an article that goes more in depth on the benefits of using wooden comb.

5- Vitamins: Thanks to my friend’s mom for suggesting that I use hair and nail vitamins. I saw a big difference using them especially with my nails. They used to break all the time and I never was able to get them to grow long and nice. These vitamins and other products I’m using, prevented my nails from breaking for the past three months. They are so long, that it’s hard for me to type :)

I really hope that you guys find these tips helpful. Please comment below If you have any questions or suggestion for the next blog post. Thank you so much for all the support that you have been giving me. 

Love you all <3



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