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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope you’re having a wonderful time with your loved ones. It’s the end of 2017 and time to review and pick my favorite beauty and fashion items of the year. To give my 100% honest unbiased review, I didn’t include any sponsored products.  All the items below I bought with my own money. Without further ado, here’s the list of my favorite items of 2017.


  1. Marula oil. This oil by far is my favorite. It’s lightweight and hydrates the skin without clog the pores. And it’s one of the few oils that doesn’t make my skin look greasy. Due to its high antioxidants properties (16% more than argan oil, and 4 time more vitamin C than in an orange) In addition to omega 9, and omega 6  (fatty acids), this oil is ideal to heal the skin and fight aging. And because of its anti-microbial properties, Marula oil helps heal acne blemishes. These are just a couple of this oil benefits.

  2. Peter Thomas Roth exfoliating gel. This is by far the best skin exfoliator I’ve used. When you wrap your skin with this gel, you literally start seeing the dead skin fall off.

  3. Oil Diffuser. I can’t live without this product in my house. It’s healthy and makes my house smells so good.

  4. LV Neverfull bag. This bag is probably the most boring looking one I own but if it breaks I would immediately buy a new one. I got this bag as a graduation gift from my husband. It was a perfect everyday bag when my son was a baby and I used to carry a lot of stuff with me. Then it became my work bag, it fits my laptop, notebook and a lot of other junk perfectly. Plus its amazing travel bag. I have been heavily using this bag for the past 5 years and it still looks great

  5. Castor, almonds & vitamin E oils. I use these oils in my homemade shampoo, lotion, and hair and eyelashes serum. I can’t live without these oils.

  6. L'oreal true match face powder. I have been using this face powder for years and every time I try other brands from high-end to drugstore, I end up going back to it.

  7. Revlon Valentine nail polish. I am a huge fan of Revlon nail polishes. They are affordable and great quality. This color specifically is my favorite. I repurchase it every time I run out. The color is very similar to OPI Malaga Wine.

  8. OPI Nail Envy. This product has changed my nails. I talked about it in my previous blog post How to grow long and strong nails.

  9. Valentino Rockstud pumps. It’s not really 2017 purchase. I have these heels for the past two years but they still my favorites between all the shoes I own. They are so classic and add an elegant look to any outfit yet they are comfortable. If you would like to invest in designer shoes I highly recommend them.

  10. Tea tree oil. This oil is always in my cabinet. I call it my skin saver. This oil has so many benefits. One of them is fighting acne. I talked about it in my How to Get Clear Skin blog post. If I have to pick one essential oil, it would be definitely tea tree oil.

  11. Protein powder. This might seems weird to list here. I always have this product in my kitchen. It's an organic gelatin that builds connective tissue nails, hair, and skin.

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