Fashion blogger & personal stylist based in Rochester NY

I am a fashion blogger and personal stylist lives in Rochester NY. I grew up surrounded by family, love and appreciation for fashion. I started drawing fashion sketches when I was 13, and have designed pieces for others and myself. My wedding dress has been the highlight of my journey, and the last thing I personally designed.

Outfits for me are more than just wearing the latest trends, they should reflect your personality, add vibrancy to your environment, and above all make you confident and happy.

My style is partly influenced by my love for the giants of Italian and French fashion such as Christian Dior and Coco Channel. I’m a longtime lover of traveling and exploring the world. My tones change and pop with my environment, and the style I choose reflects the mood of the day or night.

If you desire:

  1. To look your best for special event.
  2. A consultant for hair, makeup and outfit.
  3. An assistant to help you with clothes shopping.
  4. A new look for a fresh start.
  5. Help to find clothes for your job that are both comfortable and stylish.
  6. Outfit selections that complement your figure.

I’m your girl!

I can save you time and money by helping you keep only the clothes that truly fit your style and reflect your personality! Your wardrobe will be a treasure of items that enhance your self-confidence and make you happy.

Please contact me to set an appointment. I always start with a free consultation session to get to know you and learn about your needs. I look forward to getting started!